Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. has been in business since 1926, which gives MCA credibility among the masses as an accredited Better Business Bureau company along with TVC Matrix, centrally headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.

The BUZZ surrounding MCA/TVC is not unwarranted of unbiased criticism by a few individuals seeking to profit off of the Motor Club of America “Buzz,” in generating web traffic to their “Biz Opps” as a result, which is why I’m encouraging the general public such as yourself, to “Beware” any negative feedback being perpetrated against MCA and TVC Matrix.



“Total Security Plan” offers an array of unmatched services within the “Auto Club” industry such as follows:

1) UNLIMITED 24/7 road side assistance
2) Towing up to 100 miles (AAA only tows 5 miles)
3) Emergency Room Benefits
4) Hospitalization Benefits ($150 per day)
5) Bail Bond $25,000
6) Arrest Bond $500
7) Accidental Death Benefits (up to $50,000)
8) Hotel Discounts
9) Car Rental Discounts
10) Travel Planning
11) Travel Assistance
12) Dental Discounts
13) Prescription Discounts
14) Vision Care Discounts
15) Credit Card Protection up to $1,000
16) Attorney Fees up to $3,000
17) Emergency Travel and Living Expenses
18) Touring and Travel Services
19) $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
20) Lawyer Service for Vehicle Damage Matters
21) Lawyer Service for Auto Manslaughter, Auto Assault, and Battery
22) Lawyer Services for Moving Violations

As you can see the products and services are STRONG!

The Motor Club of America is FREE to become an associate…

What also makes the MCA program VERY STRONG is the fact that it’s AFFORDABLE on
any budget…

It actually cost LESS for the MCA Total Security Plan than it does visiting Starbucks
on a daily basis…

It’s ONLY a very minimal $40 (prepaid 2 months membership) to obtain the TOTAL SECURITY PLAN coverage described above, and then just $19.95 per month thereafter…

The COMPENSATION plan for associates is AMAZING!

When someone purchases an MCA TOTAL SECURITY PLAN at $40 prepaid for the first 2 months the Motor Club of America will send you a CHECK via UPS or Direct Deposit into your account for DOUBLE ($80). the very following week on Friday.

For example:

Four (4) people simply become MCA TOTAL SECURITY members through your referral
link at which point they each purchase an MCA Total Security Plan for just $40 (prepaid for 2 months). MCA (Motor Club of America) will send you a company check via UPS or make a direct deposit into your bank account for $320

This is a NO BRAINER…

You will also receive a FREE WEBSITE when you become a TOTAL SECURITY PLAN
member MCA also has an array of MARKETING TRAINING MATERIAL in each associate members back office which is very powerful, and contains informative marketing strategies you can implement from day one to get your MCA business off of the ground into PROFIT mode ASAP!

Remember, with the Motor Club of America program you’re NOT selling anything, you’re simply referring others to take a look at the MCA member benefits and services which you as a member already have.

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Eric & Rick| The Johnson Brothers

(262) 676-2658


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