5 P’s for Success On-Line!


The Johnson brothers value the 5 P’s of Success, and couldn’t bark on any other platform before we decide which business opportunity online works for us.  We have been successful online because we follow the 5 P’s.


5 P’s"5 P'S"



What is your company all about in terms of product, mission history and services (in summary), including valid testimonials and honest reviews of the company? What makes your company unique or special?  This is something “WE” try to look for when seeking out companies that we want to partner with, otherwise we keep it moving.


What are your company’s specific products or services with its unique or special benefits, values or “ingredients”? Where are your products made and who makes them? Show honest reviews of your products or services, including any negative ones and the sources (objective) of the reviews. Even competing products should be compared.


Who are the members and leaders up and down in your organization and what are their past backgrounds in business, the community and also personally. Leaders must have solid reputations, without criminal or shady histories. How do you (the person recruiting or soliciting) fit in the company? Share personal stories that tell of your genuine reasons for joining the company, including any hardships or challenges or real accomplishments.

PRICING (and Promotions)

What are prices of products (and services) and what are special promotions and pricing advantages for members and “leaders”? Present Catalogs and Full Price Lists. Again compare prices to competition and justify any higher costs.


What are your company’s “compensation” plans? Summarize programs and include honest and true figures for specific members including your own profits or gains. Tell about outstanding performers and earners, including those with “normal” income. People want honesty! Some are just looking for part-time opportunities or “decent” money!


Our companies that we affiliate with show you the ropes, they stay in connected with the members and they follow the principles above, if you feel like you want a change in your life and we are willing to help you with that join us and let’s start making some money TODAY.


Some of you will listen to this 23minute video and take action and others will continue to do what they have been doing and expecting change to fall out of the sky, 5p’s is your map!



Best Regards,

The Johnsons





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